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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Otak aku x mampu nak berfikir untuk post ini... *sad*

Blur je pale otak, tapi nak jgk post sumtin'~

It's a sorrow morning, darkness engulf the surrounding,
Eeriness that gripping hold of to any soul,
Leaving its trace by unimaginable death,
Yet the true horror was yet to appear.

An early 20, Nelson stretch his arm,
Feeling the coldness air that coated him,
Looking at the new environment he just realized,
Not in his house, not the time cry.

Watching closely to the next,
Where knowing nothing about what current,
Leaving aside the uncertainty,
"Where is Tina," for the search to be.

Knowing that this was not the end,
He strengthen his stand, and the search began,
Looking for answer which the question unknown,
The story begin, ONLY for the curious SOUL.

This is a spoiler for my next novel, just finish chapter 5, yet the plot was nothing to be excited, for the next chapter where the adventure begin, this is the story of Nelson Hokem.

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