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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Si Gadis dan "Make up"

First and for all, what is beauty? An impression of adoreness after alteration? Nah! Its a fake impression because none of the beauty is real! So does makeup goes for girls, like i said, girls~
Not to say that makeup cant help improves one confident infront of the audiance, or the croud, or the boyfriend, or the patient; if you are a nurse; or who ever they might be, but when it come to inner stregth, one must start to belive that they are great in what ever condition they are, and I truely mean what ever the condition is!
Nevertheless, what you are is what you are, and makeup is still fun to play with, my girl use makeup, but not to often.
p/s: guys, some girls were just amaizing with out their makeup, but they are gorgeous when they did put them on, so dont decide, just accept~ : ) 

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