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Monday, March 21, 2011

Distance - Another keyword for love

Can distance really took you apart?
Can distance really move your heart?
Can distance really break the bond we make?
Or does distance actually trying to show us something?

I am one of those,
Who need to face distance in my life,
Should I continue? Should I quit?
Should I stand and take the bait?
Was the question ever that easy?
Was it always in the face of reality?
Or perhaps,
It was just me...

So the distance make its appearance,
I took away you sight from her,
Can you bare it?
I took away the lovely voice of her,
Can you bare it?
I took away the gentle touch of her,
Can you feel it?
I replace TRUST with DOUBT,
I replace HUMMING with SHOUT,
I replace COMFORT with WORRIES,
Shall I replace Her with SOME ONE else?

So I stand and make my ground,
For the question has shaken me none,
I Answer with PROUD,
I am what I am,
Shall not be threaten by illusion,
Though I know your nothing but a thought,
Shall be remove by the love thy build.

For whom I love I say this honestly,
For you my love is eternity,
Nothing that came to me, been given a chance,
As has you and that's my stand,
To love is to give,
To love is to accept,
Only with trust, we shall never be apart.

This is from me, as my heart spoken,
For everything I am sorry,
As your affection has been torn open,
I lay my to your shoulder and your back,
With a hug for forgiveness,
That I`m sure what is lack.

This is from me, as heart is sad,
To hurt you so bad,
And to make you mad,
I am sorry, I am changing,
Hopefully to man you adore,
And to be a man I desire.

Thank you for the love, the time and the affection, I am forever great-full to you by my side.
This is a poem, to little to tell the story, as I know I can never speak truthfully.

My dear hunny bunny Cik Azyie! 

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