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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It`s the part of me, I was never sure...

The clock ticks empty,
Telling me that its very late,
To step back to reality,
To prevent from pouring hate.

Where the scent of love started to fade,
With an ugly facade of provoked smiles,
I lay my hand to this awaken truth,
Will this go an, between me and you?

My hopes was never less,
Not either to the strength of me believe,
Thus I keep this faith alive,
As I am waiting, for us to be.

I am sad, but I`m not mad,
I am lonely, but your feeling always with me,
I am hopeful, but not blindly,
I am great-full,  because I know you still love me.
Call me stupid, Call me dumb,
Knowing that I love you,
Makes me always want to hump,
For the sake of the future, we yet to conquer,
I will wait for you, forever...after...

To my hunny bunny, I am sorry if I was ever hurt you,
Maybe it was all my fault for being too harsh on you,
Well maybe its just the who I am,
I am not sure, But what ever it was, please forgive me,
Your silence has put my mind dull,
I cant even think to the level I am sorrow.

I hope this will reach you,
From your dearest,

I Love You,
Zul <---> Azyie

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