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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Andai ku tahu...


Aiman, bukan nama sebenar, berumur 24 tahun pada Ogos ini, tarikhnya tidak penting. Yang penting tahun ini Aiman selangkah lagi menghampiri umur "dewasa". Dalam prinsip Aiman, dewasa adalah mereka yang telah berumur 30 ke atas, bagi lelaki lah. Kerana padanya ketika itu, pengalaman hidup mula tepu dan tanggungjawab sudah mula berdamping.

Hari ini, 24 April, Aiman bangun dari tidur. Kemalasan yang melanda jiwa beliau tidak dapat dinafikan lagi apabila beliau hanya mengagahkan diri untuk bangun apabila azan zohor berkumandang. Segala urusan yang remeh-temeh diselesaikan. Menjelang Asar, beliau berehat. Lega melihat rumah yang telah kemas. Beliau tinggal berseorangan maka tidak mustahillah kalau rumah beliau tidak berselerak.

Hari minggu, keseorangan, tidak mempunyai apa-apa rancangan mahupun teman yang berkunjung, kombinasi yang "hebat" untuk hari yang menakjubkan, sekurang-kurangnya, itulah yang dia fikirkan.

(Sorry geng, aku dah kabut menaip dalam bahasa melayu, ayat yang aku nak sampaikan dah jadi pelik, so aku sambung dalam English, sorry kalau ade typo or gramma error)

He picked up an old magazine on a shelf next to him. Its a magazine of cars. He always adore any great cars in any shape, as long as the shape is tidy, no fancy add-on that can gouge your eyes, and in a class of muscle-car, well that doesn't really define "all" anymore right? Anyhow, unlike any other boring plan that he has in mind like playing board game and pretend that he is the second player and the third while whining about him the third whom winning, today he actually plan to get his head, out from the mighty barrier in his house that normal people call door. He was thinking that maybe today, he should start thinking about dating. Being 24, and alone is practically lame and not a healthy lifestyle for a fine young man he is.

Half an hour is all he take to do a little touch up to himself, wearing a sunglasses in black, black jeans, a leather jacket, also in black, and finally a white t-shirt inside, make him a killer to a girls eye-sight, so does he thought. And with confident, he walks out to his car to hit the city. As he opens the door, his cellphone rang, displaying - Mom. Nothing out of ordinary, just saying hallo and asking about his life, the only thing that different is he was asked if he can make it to see her mom during dinner and he said yes. The call was ended with the sound of joy from the mother. Since the mother was living nearby, just an hour travel by car, its almost like a normal visit for him. Aiman never really visit his mom despite how close they are from each other. Since she was accompanied by the other two of her children whom younger than Aiman, It puts Aiman at ease. And therefore, he drove his car to the city.

It was almost 8 when he realize that he had a dinner to attend. As he making his steps from the mall to his car, he was stopped by 2 young lady. One wearing a whole set of pink, including her handbag and of course, her hair, and the other, wearing lime yellow from top to bottom, and the hair is safe in black, but an out match of shoe as she wears it purple. They asked him for a drinks, and for a moment, he paused. He told them about he having a dinner to attend, yet they eagerly asking him to skip it. Considering how lucky he was at that time, he decided to call his mom.

"Mak, Man mintak maaf ek, kereta rosak la, Man tak dapat datang..."
"Hah? Man takde pape ke? Man kat mane? Nanti mak mintak Pakcik Haikal tolong jemput Man yea?"
"Eh, takpe la mak, Man O.K. je ni, Man dah talipon orang untuk tarik kereta Man, nanti bila Man dah sampai rumah, Man talipo mak yea?"
"Betul nie? Mak risau jugak ni..."
"Jangan risau yea mak, Man OK, tapi Man mintak maaf sebab tak dapat nak makan dengan mak malan ni, lain kali yea mak?
"Jangan risau pasal mak lah, adik kamu ada, mak bukan makan sorang-sorang pun, Man jaga diri elok-elok, Mak doakan Man selamat sampai rumah."
"Man mintak maaf yea mak, terima kasih"

The call was ended with a huge smile on Aiman face, he tilt his head towards the two girls and give them a nice smile, signifying they are good to go. They had a great dinner, a lot of laugh, they went for movie, and end up changing phone numbers, it`s almost mid night when he started his car. He yawn for couple of time and he start his journey home and call it a day. He was very sleepy. Yet he refused to stop, until he heard a honk and a great light coming from front. He was shock and make a sudden twist to the left. His car was over-turn and spun a few times before its stop after hitting a lamp post. His head was dizzy. He was upside down, unbuckle his seat belt, and slowly get out from the car. The car was seriously damage until it doesn't even look like a car anymore. People were rushing and gathering to help. Amazingly, everybody has the same thought that it was only a miracle that he got out from that car, unharmed except for a minor cut in his arm.

After that, police arrive and handle the case. Even the police told him how lucky he was to survive that crash. Normal people would at least lost their legs or bleeding at least. And suddenly, he remembered his mom. He tried to call but his phone was damage. He was sent home by the police after receiving an emergency checkup for his condition. He went to bed, thinking about his mom, and fall to sleep with regret.

The next morning, he woke up. No mood for work. He opens his lazy eyes and yawn for a few times. Just before he about to reach the towel for a nice bath, the phones rang, it was in the living room. He walks and pick up the phone,

"Boleh saya bercakap dengan Aiman?"
"Ya, Aiman bercakap, ada apa?"
"Saya inspektor Zul, dari balai polis Petaling Jaya"
"Owh, inspektor, apa yang boleh saya bantu? Adakah ini berkenaan kemalangan semalam?"
"Benar, saya ingin memberitahu bahawa ibu encik sekarang berada di wad ICU, boleh encik datang ke hospital sekarang?
"Ibu? Hospital? Saya tak faham..."
"Semalam rumah ibu encik di masuki perompak, encik tak tahu?"
"Hah? Biar betul, semalam saya baru saja berbual dengan mak saya, dia sehat je..."
"Saya sebagai polis, tidak menganggap perkara seperti ini main-main."
"Baiklah, saya akan datang."

HE rush to the shower, after he finish and ready, a try one call to his mother place, and no answer. He was clearly not happy with that and rush to his car just to realize that he has no car. So he call for a taxi and hurried to the hospital, both of his bother is in the same hospital, they were unconscious but they are fine, where else his mother was in critical condition. He rush to the operation room where there a police man waiting for him and ask him to calm down. The situation was quite critical as they were found only this morning by the neighbor as they saw the back door was unlock. They called for the police after the call wasn't answer by the house occupant.

And thus, here they are. Waiting for the doctor to come and tell them about the operation. Its been more than 2 hours they have been waiting, and yet so sign like the operation is done. Aiman starts to wonder around when the doctor opens the door.

"Kami dah cuba sedaya upaya, tapi Allah lagi sayangkan dia. Saya mintak..."

Aiman collapse, unconscious.

He woke up, he was in his bed. His body was in pain. His muscle was screaming, and suddenly he remembered his mom. He rush from his bed.

"Hmm? kenapa aku kat dalam rumah ni? Bukan aku dekat hospital ke?"

He make a call to his mom's house. His brother pick it up. He sigh in relief. After a brief talk, he wash himself and he went out to his mom house. The car isn't there and that's no argument about it. He took a cab, and saw his mother at the front yard, watering the roses. Thank god, he said to himself, and rush to hug is lovely mother. Thank God that it was all just a dream. Apart from the crash he had, everything else is a bless. His mother was feeling weird for the sudden act of his son, he went inside to see his brothers, and they gathered. He went on and on about what he had last night and keeping on apologizing. To make it worst, yesterday was actually his mother's birthday and he wasn't around to celebrate. He promised that he will come around next year and put a grand party to make up for this one.

After lunch, he called for a cab. Refusing to be sent by his brother, he gave them a warm smile and never once he forgot to say how much he loved them. And for that, he will rather miss everything rather than to miss being by their side when they need him. A cab arrive, he hugged his mother so tightly and almost shed a tears. He went on with the cab. Just as he arrive at the junction not far from his mothers place, a lorry hit them from the side, the taxi spun and hit a nearby tree. The loud sound from the accident shock everybody in the nearby area. Aiman's family rush to the place of incident, Aiman was stuck, unconscious, so does the cab driver. The lorry diver has flee from the scene.

Rescue team arrive a few minutes later and try to save Aiman and the cab driver. It took them almost 30 minutes to get Aiman out. And the mediacal team rush to check his condition. Aiman is not moving. His mother is crying, shouting his name, so does the two little brother of his. And then, the medical team give them a sigh, and tell them that they has lost him. But the most important thing is, Aiman was smiling, even during his death.

Love your Family, Love Yourself.

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