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Monday, April 16, 2012

Life is Short, dont make others join you.

Dear Friend,

Today I make myself clear that life is short.
In a blink you can lose everything.
In a split second you can have everything.
But you will always in a chase.
Though to the end you may see hope.
In future you share a dream.
In a place you keep on dreaming.
In a mind you keep yourself thinking.

Dear Friend,

Keep this to your heart, that tomorrow is not a start.
But just another end of what ever we did wrong yesterday.
Another moment for us to be rejoice that we are still alive.
Another moment to make us realize what we can improvise.
From being a jerk into a super jerk.
From becoming a hurdle into a useless boneless shrimp.
To take the time that was wasted and to waste it even more today.
Just to make sure in the end, we fail again today.

Dear Friend,

Our life is short.
None shall know when it shall end.
None shall know how it will end.
None shall blame your existence and all the mess you build up.
But do we still have time to change?
Think about it.
Change something.
Everything has it meaning.


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